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Grand Overall Winners





10 year old Angela, from New York won the Grand Supreme Overall title.

Angela's hobbies and talents include modeling, acting and dancing.

She is a petite blue eyed brunette, and a bundle of energy.

  She plans to continue her professional modeling and acting career.


Angela took the honor of being crowned Grand Supreme in April.

She achieved the highest overall score, based on beauty, runway model,

TV commercial, interview, talent and photogenic points, of all contestants age 3 and up.


Congratulations to Angela!    









14 year old Hailey won the Grand Supreme Overall title at the National Finals this August.

    Her hobbies include cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and volunteer work.  Her talents

include sewing, drawing, and fashion desgin.  She is a public advocate for Susan G. Komen Foundation.


She achieved the highest overall score, based on beauty, runway model,

TV commercial competition, interview, talent and photogenic points, of all contestants age 3 and up earning her the Grand Supreme Overall title. 


Congratulations to Hailey!


Listing of our 2013 National and International Winners


2013 All American Girl & Boy National Winners Baby Beauty Division:  Tiny Baby Girl: Maliyah Snyder;  Older Baby Girl: Olivia Rose Asaro-Apsley; Tiny Baby Boy: Carter Hey; Older Baby Boy: Giovanni Betanco.  Baby Model Division: Tiny Baby Girl: Adriana Molloy; Older Baby Girl: Savannah Taylor; Tiny Baby Boy: Elijah Aponte; Older Baby Boy:  Wyatt Tompkins.

 Grand Overall Baby Girl:  Bailey Ann Formy Duval;  Grand Overall Baby Boy: Colin Westfall.

GRAND SUPREME OVERALL WINNER (3 & Up):  Dominique Rivera 

Beauty Division (3 & up): Petite: Jadyn Tattoli;  Jr. Boy: TJ D'Antonio;  Older Boy: Raymond Campbell;  Teen Boy: Brady Gulluscio;  Little Miss:  Angela Croissant;  Jr. Miss:  Stephanie Dezelin; Teen: Brianna Thomas; Miss: Ashley Marie Puncavage; Ms: Shannah Westfall.  Grand Overall Beauty Winner:  Victoria Rose Carroll.

Model Division (3 & up): Petite Model: Brooklynn Richardson; Little Miss Model: Angela Croissant; Jr. Miss Model: Stephanie Dezelin;   Miss Teen Model: Victoria Rose Carroll;  Miss Model: Demi Nicole;  Ms Model: Shannah Westfall;  Jr. Boy Model: Reed Campbell;  Older Boy Model: Sir-Weslyn Jones; Teen Boy Model: Brady Gulluscio.  Grand Overall Model Winner:  Olivia Grace Price.

  Talent Division: Little Division: Lilly DeCosta; Junior Teen Talent:  Raymond Campbell;  Teen Talent:  Brianna Thomas and Adult Talent Division: Ashley Marie Puncavage.  Grand Overall Talent Winner:  Stephanie Dezelin.

National Photogenic Winners: Tiny Baby Girl: Brooklynne Bock;  Older Baby Girl: Olivia Asaro-Apsley;  Tiny Baby Boy:  Carter Hey;  Older Baby Boy:  Giovanni Betanco.
  Petite: Carleigh Sophia;  Jr. Boy: TJ D'Antonio;  Older Boy:  Joseph Tattoli; Teen Boy: Brady Gulluscio;  Little Miss: Jordan Judy Reilly; Junior Miss:  Danielle Kaczynski;  Teen:  Victoria Rose Carroll;  Miss: Demi Nicole;  Ms: Shannah Westfall.  Grand Overall Photogenic Winner:  Angela Croissant

National All American Girl & Boy Ambassadors: Petite Co-Ambassadors:  Brooklynn Gonzalez & Morgan Bryce Thurton;  All American Boy: Sir Weslyn Jones;  Little Miss Ambassador:  Cheyenne Sirios;  Junior Miss: Danielle Kaczynski;  Teen Ambassador: Marissa Cordero

National All American Girl & Boy Interview Winners:  Petite: Brooklynn Richardson;  Jr. Boy: Reed Campbell; All American Boy: Joseph Tattoli;  Teen All American Boy:  Blake Forgione;  Little Miss: Marisa Dattolo;  Junior Miss:  Sedona Berman;  TeenMiss: Sierra Saunders;  Miss:  Ashley Puncavage;  Ms:  Margaret Hayes


2013 INTERNATIONAL PRINCE & PRINCESS WINNERS:  Baby Beauty Division:  Tiny Baby Princess, Reily Geib;  Older Baby Princess;  Hailey Klich;  Tiny Baby Prince,  John Rivers IV.;  Older Baby Prince; Mason Cruz. Baby Model Division:  Tiny Baby Princess Model, Bailey Ann Formy Duval; Older Baby Princess Model, Olivia Rose Asaro-Apsley; Tiny Baby Prince, Richard Sullivan;  Older Baby Prince Model, Mason Cruz.

Grand Overall Baby Princess: Zoe Lyn Davis;  Grand Overall Baby Prince: Colin Westfall


Beauty Division (3 & up):  Petite: Skyler Anthony;  Junior Prince: Pierce Russell Pope ;  Prince: Jayson Norris;  Teen Prince: Brady Gulluscio;  Little Miss: Giavonna Scharf;  Junior Miss: Dominique Rivera;  Teen: Rebecca McSorley;  Miss International Princess: Danielle Lynn Coutieri and Ms: Shannah Westfall.   Grand Overall Beauty Winner:  Destiny Liu

 Model Division (3 & up):   Petite Model: Destiny Liu; Little Miss Model: Angela Croissant; Junior Prince Model: Pierce Russell Pope;  Prince Model: James Patrick Tronson; Teen Prince Model: Brady Gulluscio;  Jr. Miss Model: Dominique Rivera;  Teen Model: Rebecca McSorley; Miss Model: Danielle Lynn Coutieri;  Ms Model: Shannah Westfall.    Grand Overall Model Winner:  Aashika Jikaria
Talent Division: Little Division: Anabella Rose Wagner;  Junior Teen Division: Danielle Kaczynski; Teen: Aashika Jikaria;  Adult Division Winner:  Krystie Lynn Seese.      Grand Overall Talent Winner:   Dominique Rivera

     International Photogenic Winners: Tiny Baby Girl: Bailey Ann Formy Duval; Older Baby Girl: Olivia Rose Asaro-Apsley;  Tiny Baby Prince: Richard Sullivan;  Older Baby Prince: Cooper Mark Panzik;  Petite: Skyler Anthony;  Jr. Prince: TJ D'Antonio;  Prince: James Patrick Tronsor; Teen Prince: Brady Gulluscio;  Little Miss: Giavonna Scharf;  Jr. Miss: Dominique Rivera;  Teen: Alyssa McCave; Miss: Danielle Lynn Coutieri and Ms: Shannah Westfall.  Grand Overall Photogenic Winner: Angela Croissant. 

International Ambassadors:  Prince: Bryan Forgione; Little Miss: Marisa Dattolo & Kaileen Quinones; Junior Miss: Lindsey Cruz; Miss: Jennifer Nolan & Ms: Margaret Hayes

International Interview Winners: Petite: Brooklynn Richardson;  Junior Prince: Pierce Russell Pope;  Prince:  Alexander Turner-Zlokovitz;  Teen Prince:  Blake Forgione;  Little Miss:  Angela Croissant;   Junior Miss:  Brittany Klub;  Teen:  Alyss McCave;  Miss:  Krystie Lynn Seese & Ms:  Kathleen McMahon



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