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Jessica - Little Miss Holiday Princess Model  Winner &  1st runner-up Beauty & Photogenic &  Prettiest Smile Winner

Tiana - Ms Holiday Princess

Photogenic Winner &

1st Runner-up Beauty & Model 

Skylar - Petite Holiday Princess Model  Winner.     Photogenic Winner,  Best Dressed, Personality Winner

1st Runner-up Beauty

Gabby - Little Miss Holiday Princess Photogenic Winner &    Prettiest Eyes Winner

Wayne  -  Holiday Prince Photogenic  Winner &  1st runner-up Model

Paula - Ms Holiday Princess 2nd Runner-up Beauty & Model  & 1st Runner-up Photogenic 

Rose - Ms Holiday Princess 1st Runner-up Beauty & Model  & 2nd runner-up Photogenic  & Prettiest Eyes Winner 

Onamarie - Little Miss Holiday Princess Beauty  Winner &  1st runner-up Model & Photogenic &  Prettiest Eyes Winner

Kali - Baby Holiday Princess 1st Runner-up Beauty & Personality Winner

Dakota - Tiny Baby Holiday Princess Beauty & Photo Winner & Prettiest Eyes Winner

The results of our 2021 ONLINE HOLIDAY PAGEANT are in.   We thank the judges and all the contestants who participated in this event.  We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Stay safe and healthy!  Here are the HOLIDAY PRINCE & PRINCESS WINNERS .. photos will be posted soon from our in person pageant held in Queens, NY on Dec. 4, 2021.

Deavyn - Petite Holiday Princess Beauty  Winner &  1st runner-up Photogenic &  Prettiest Eyes Winner

Ellie Mae -Junior Miss Holiday Princess Beauty & Model & Photogenic    Winner

Adria - Baby Holiday Princess Beauty & Photo Winner

​Best Holiday Outfit

Joshua  -  Holiday Prince Beauty & Model  Winner &  1st runner-up Photogenic 

Ariel - Little Miss Holiday Princess  2nd runner-up Beauty & Model & Photogenic &  Sweetheart Winner

Katey Rose - Ms Holiday Princess Beauty 

Winner & Model Winner

 & ​Best Dressed