Omolala - Teen 2nd runner-up 

& Prettiest Smile Winner

Erin - Ms. International Holiday Princess Model, 1st Runner-up Beauty & Photo

Victoria - Baby Holiday Princess Model Winner &

1st Runner-up Beauty & Photo & Personality Winner

Monica - 2nd runner-up Little Miss Beauty, Model  & Photogenic. & Best Holiday Outfit

Rahina - Jr Miss 1st runner-up  Photogenic. 2nd runner-up Model 3rd runner-up Beauty 

Wayan Robert - Baby Prince Model Winner, 1st Runn Beauty 2nd Runn Photo, Best Dressed 

Luke - Tiny Baby Holiday Prince Photo Winner & 1st Runner-up Beauty

Saige - Little Miss Holiday Princess Beauty Winner

Gabrielle - 2nd runner-up Beauty & Model.  Jr Miss Personality Winner

Ellie Mae - Jr Miss Beauty & Model  3rd runner-up & Jr Miss Holiday Sweetheart Winner


Tiny Baby Holiday Princess Beauty & Model ​Winner

Maryann - Ms Beauty & Model 

2nd runner-up,

Photogenic 3rd runner-up 


Jr Prince Holiday Beauty & 1st Runner-up  Photogenic

Francesca - Jr Miss 3rd runner-up  Beauty & Model.  Prettiest Eyes Winner

Jessica - Little Miss Holiday Princess Photo Winner ​

1st Runner-up Model & Beauty

Karlee  -  Teen Holiday Princess

Beauty Winner

Frankie - Holiday Prince

Beauty & Model Winner &   1st Runner-up Photogenic

Kalyssa- 3rd runner-up Jr Miss Beauty & Prettiest Smile Winner

Suzann - Miss 2nd runner-up 

Best Holiday Outfit

Jay Vien  -  Baby Holiday Prince Photo Winner & 1st Runner-up Beauty

Onamarie  - Little Miss Holiday Princess Model Winner & 1st Runner-up Beauty, 2nd R Photogenic

Logan - 1st runner-up Prince  & Best Holiday Outfit

 Hannah - 1st runner-up Baby Model & 2nd runner-    up Beauty & Photo           

Persephone - 1st runner-up Baby Model  & Photogenic. 2nd runner-up Beauty & Best Model Outfit

Ciara - Jr. Miss 1st runner-up Photo,  2nd runner-up Beauty & Model 

Julius  - Holiday Prince

Photo Winner

 2nd  Runner-up Beauty

Ella- Beauty 3rd runner-up Photogenic 2nd runner-up &

Best Dressed Winner

Brody - 1st runner-up Prince 

Kira - Ms. 1st runner-up Beauty, Model  & Photogenic & Best Model Outfit

Meleana  -  Junior Miss Holiday Princess Model & 1st Runner-up Beauty & 2nd Runner-up Photo

Isaiah Davis 

Baby Holiday Prince Winner

Ayden -  Jr Prince Holiday Photogenic Winner & 1st Runner-up Beauty

Ariel - 1st runner-up Model  & Photogenic. 2nd runner-up Beauty & Prettiest Eyes Winner

Mariah - Miss International Holiday Princess

Valentina - 1st runner-up Baby Beauty  &  Best Dressed

Maria - Ms. International

Holiday Princess Beauty & Photogenic Winner &

Best Dressed

Tatum  - Tiny Baby Holiday Prince Winner

Cara - 3rd runner-up

Little Miss Beauty 

Alexis - Teen 2nd runner-up Beauty & Teen Princess Sweetheart Winner

Luna   - Baby Holiday Princess Beauty & Photo Winner & 2nd Runner-up Model & Best Holiday Dress

Runner-ups & Award Winners in All Divisions      

Karalena - 3rd runner-up Beauty  & Holiday Sweetheart title winner

Faith -  Teen Holiday Princess Model & Photogenic Winner, 1st Runner-up Beauty & Best Dressed

Deavyn Sky

Petite Holiday Princess  Beauty & Photo Winner

Wayne Joseph - 1st runner-up Baby Photogenic. 2nd runner-up Beauty & Personality Winner

Levi - Baby Prince 2nd runner-up  & Prettiest Eyes

Nicole - Ms  3rd runner-up Beauty 

Alyssa - Junior Miss Holiday Princess Beauty & Photogenic, 1st Runnerup Model



Christina - 3rd runner-up Baby Beauty  & Prettiest Eyes Winner

Our first ONLINE PAGEANT EVENT was a wonderful success and we want to thank all the contestants and their families.  Because of your support, we together, were able to provide hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to the HELP SUFFOLK FOUNDATION (A division of HELP USA) to make a happier Christmas for so many children in homeless shelters this holiday season.  Thank you for your patience and understanding, while we ironed out all the glitches involved in internet events, literally plowed through a huge snowstorm that hit the Northeast, which included power outages, computer failures, etc.   We thank the judges who ran into some difficulties opening some of the entries that did not come through with the links that were provided.  It made a lot of extra work for them, and I thank them for their perseverance.  Happy New Year to everyone.  Stay safe and healthy!  And here are the HOLIDAY PRINCE & PRINCESS WINNERS ..

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Gianna - Miss International Photogenic Princess, 1st Runner-up Beauty