Open to all ages. Individuals & Groups. 

This is a World Wide Talent & Model Competition.  

​Held in the NYC area

DATES:  June 26-28, 2024.  Here is your

chance to meet Model Managers, Talent Managers,

Record Producers. Showcase your talent & be discovered.

FEE TO ENTER :  A $50 registration fee is required  when you submit your application. 

This is a non-refundable fee. The fee for each competition is: Solo performance $110, Duet performance $55 per person, Small Groups (3 or more) $40 per person.  

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM WITH YOUR $50 DEPOSIT.  The competition fees will be calculated based on how many events you enter and a 50% deposit will be required by June 1st.  The balance can be paid at the event.  All contestants must email a photo for the program book listing.


WEDNESDAY,  June 26:   8 AM - 11 AM IPAC Registration

          12:00 Actors & Poets

           1:00  Instrumentalists (Individual & Group)

            2:00 Runway Model / Photogenic Competition (head shots & model shots)

            5:00 MODEL & ACTING INDUSTRY WORKSHOP (Not mandatory)  Opportunity to learn about the          business & personally meet with talent scouts. Question & Answer session will follow workshop.

THURSDAY,  June 27:

9 AM - Noon IPAC Registration (If you registered on Wednesday, you do not need to register again) 

1:00 Dance Section (Individual & Group)

3:00 Vocal Section (Individual & Group) 

5:00 Cheerleading (individual & Group)

FRIDAY, June 28:   10:00 AM  IPAC AWARDS CEREMONY (All must attend)

 5:00 - 9:30 Registration starts for International Prince & Princess Pageant for those competing over the weekend.   

TIME LIMITS: Solo performance - 2 minutes;  Duo/Trio - 2-1/2 minutes; 

Groups 3 & up - 3 minutes   (No deductions if under time limit.)

We look forward to having you represent your State/Country at the 2024 INTERNATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS CHAMPIONSHIP (IPAC)
 JUNE 26-27-28, 2024 .. contest will be held in the  New York City area.  We have a fabulous weekend planned!  Plan a few extra days to visit NYC and enjoy Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, visit the Bronx Zoo, NY Botanical Garden, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, and so mulch more! 


Submit button will not work unless one item in all ​* fields is filled in.   Please check whatever box in each field applies to you.  If you have any questions call or email:  Phone:  845-896-1874 or Email:​​

When you enter the amount do not use the "$" sign. Ex: To enter fifty dollars just enter 50.00

To pay with credit/debit card use the "Pay Now" button. Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or Discover.   

You do not need a PayPal account.   Call our office during normal business hours if you have any questions. If you reach our voice mail leave your name & number.  We will call you back.  

Phone:  845-896-1874  A deposit of $50 is required when submitting your application.  Please send a separate email with your photo.  Once your application & photo are received you will be notified.

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1.)  I certify that the address and date of birth are correct.  

2.)  I understand that all fees paid are final. There are no refunds.

3.)  All  contestants must submit a photo that will be published in the program book. No additional fee for this listing.

4.)  I understand: a.) that I will be responsible for any accident, mishap or injury incurred during my stay at this event or in travel to and from the event, or at the competition itself.  The CONTEST is not responsible for such injuries or accidents.  b.) judges decision is final and incontestable. c.) all expenses like  food, hotel, clothing, transportation,  & other incidentals will be my own responsibility.  d.)  contest has the right to use my photograph and likeness for publicity connected with the contest.  e.) CONTEST is not responsible for items lost or stolen;  I am solely responsible for my own belongings.  f.)  I am responsible for payment of all my contest fees. I cannot charge back any fees paid through PayPal, Credit Card or any other means.  All payments I make are final.   

5.)  I understand that the contest is not open to the public. Only contestants and guests of contestants can participate in events. All tickets to events must be purchased in advance. No one is allowed to use any cameras, or to record any part of the contest, other than a contest official. If any contestant uses any video or recording device, or distributes printed literature, applications, business cards or solicitation of any kind, or any member of a contestants party does the same, without permission from the Executive Director, that contestant will be disqualified from our pageant. No solicitation of any kind is permitted. It is the responsibility of the contestant and or contestants family to inform all their guests of this rule.

6.)  I understand that if I am disqualified from this contest, or I withdraw from the contest at any time, under no circumstances, nor for any reason, will I be entitled to a refund, in full or in part, that I or someone has paid on my behalf.

 7.)  I hereby assign to the Executive  Director all dramatic, musical, radio, television, personal appearances and motion picture rights in connection with the presentation of the contest, or any portion of, in which I appear, which are and shall remain the sole property of the CONTEST and I release any claim which I may have by virtue of my participation in this event.  

8.)  If I fail to abide by these rules it can result in my disqualification and I will forfeit all prizes, gifts, and awards that I may receive. 

9.)  Any delegate who cannot assume defeat in the proper manner of good sportsmanship should not compete in any event. The CONTEST will not tolerate any behavior that could in any way tarnish the relationships of the delegates or the CONTEST.  If any contestant, parent or member of the contestants party does not conduct themselves in the proper manner, this will result in an immediate disqualification.

10.)  I understand that every contestant must submit a photo for the program book. Because many professional photos have copyrights the pageant strongly suggests that you obtain written permission from the photographer to have your photo reproduced.  I  understand that the receipt of any photo from me constitutes a signed statement releasing the pageant from all copyright infringements. I understand that this is my responsibility; that I am fully liable for all photo reproduction; and the CONTEST is free to reproduce any photo that I submit.  

11.)  I understand that I will be solely responsible for the supervision, safety, care and well-being of my minor children during our stay at the CONTEST and/or hotel. Supervision is not provided by the CONTEST or by the hotel.  I also agree to wear my ID ticket into and during all events, and to advise all my guests they must do the same. I understand this is for security reasons and that no one will be allowed into any event room without a visible ID ticket.