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DATE:  SUNDAY, OCT 21, 2018

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BEAUTY ATTIRE:   Petite Girls (3-5) - party dress.  Any Sunday dress or pageant dress, short to mid-calf (ankle length or above.)  No long gowns permitted in this age group.  We do not want our young contestants tripping when walking up the stage steps.  Little Miss (6-9), Jr. Miss  (10-12), Teen Miss (13-17), Miss (18-28), Ms. (29+) - Any after 5 attire, either short or long. Cocktail dress, gown or dressy pants outfits are permitted. 
Boys (3-12) - Suits or Casual Wear are permitted.
Baby Girls: Any dressy outfit of your choice. Any length.  (Parent escorts baby on stage—so babies hand will be held. Therefore whatever length dress you prefer is ok.) 
Baby Boys:  Casual or dressy.
Only one outfit is worn for beauty. Contestants can change for model competition, but it is not required at this regional level.  If you choose to change for model, any outfit of choice can be worn.  Outfits should always be age appropriate!!
TIME SCHEDULE: ALL CONTESTANTS SIGN IN & REGISTER AT 12 NOON.  Followed by a practice session & rehearsal. Show will start at 1:00.  All beauty, model, photogenic, and special award winners will be presented approximately 4:00 PM.  Photo session of winners will follow.

​ADMISSION:  Our pageant is not open to the public, only to guests of the contestants.  There is an $8 guest fee per adult, $3 children 12 & under. CONTESTANTS DO NOT PAY ADMISSION.  ONE PARENT PER FAMILY IS INCLUDED WITH THE ENTRY FEE.  All other guests, including other parent, will be charged a guest fee.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.


PHOTOGENIC COMPETITION:  (Optional)  You may enter a photo in the photogenic competition if you are registered as a beauty contestant. There is an additional $35 charge for the first photo. Register for it now, but bring the photo with you. You can enter additional photos at $5 per photo. ($35 to enter photogenic which includes 1 photo; $5 for each additional)  Photos will be returned to you before you leave. Photos can be color or black & white, any size from wallet up to 11x14.  Please remove from frames if possible.  PHOTOGENIC WINNERS will be announced along with the beauty winners & receive an official trophy, crown & banner, plus their beauty entry fee paid in full to the Nat’l Finals.  Runner-ups will receive a photogenic award, plus beauty entry fee paid to National Finals.  Photogenic scores are not combined with your beauty score.  This is a separate category.

 MODEL COMPETITION: (Optional) All contestants, including babies.  If you are registered for the beauty competition you may also compete for the model title. Judges select the contestant they feel has the most MODEL POTENTIAL.  There is a $40 fee to enter.  Model winners receive an official trophy, crown & banner, plus their model entry fee paid in full to the Nat’l Finals. All contestants may register for the model contest.  Contestants are not required to change outfits at this regional contest, but are allowed to change.  Contestants re-compete for the model title after their beauty walk.  You can just add a jacket, shawl or accessory to your beauty attire, or change to any outfit of choice.  (Changing time is very limited, so keep it simple.)  Model scores are not combined with your beauty score.  This is a separate category.

Cash  Prizes, Fabulous Crowns, Gifts and Trophies will be awarded at the National Finals. 
Over 60 National Winners will be crowned from Babies up to Ms,  plus  2  - GRAND SUPREME OVERALL WINNERS will be crowned.   Our pageant has awarded over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in Savings Bonds, Prizes and Awards!!
If you cannot attend a regional pageant in your area, and would like to enter t
he National Finals as a candidate at large, just go to the ONLINE NATIONAL APPLICATION page.

Enter our pageant today!  Our pageant receives International recognition!  Each year many contestants are selected to receive modeling contracts and many have auditioned for TV commercials & films, all as a result of being in our pageant!!

Former Grand Overall Winner, Joseph C J Foster, played a lead role in the Major Motion Picture “Doubt” co-starring with Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Adams.  Former Jr Miss winner, Priscilla Star Diaz, starred as Jessica on “The Electric Company”  & has a recording contract, already released an album, and starred in the award winning documentary entitled “P-Star Rising”.   Many of our babies have booked HUGGIES box covers.  Our 2017 reining Tiny Baby Princess is currently on a HUGGIES BOX COVER,  and we have  booked auditions for 100's of baby’s for a chance to be the next HUGGIES baby!! Our babies have auditioned & booked TV Commercials for Huggies, Pampers & Gerber.  Many of our contestants have booked jobs with the Discovery Channel on various TV series, all as a result of being in our pageant.
Our pageant has started hundreds of contestants in successful modeling careers, TV commercials, print work, movies and Broadway!  Our contestants have done National TV commercials including:  Verizon, Build A Bear, Huggies, Pampers, Captain Crunch, Wrigley’s Gum, Subway, Kraft, Wendy’s, Kohl’s, Chrysler, General Mills, Crest, Sears, AquaFresh, Hallmark, Coke, Blockbuster & Campbell Soup.  Auditioned and starred in numerous Broadway shows, appeared on VH1, MTV, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Nickelodeon, Saturday Night Live, One Life to Live & Another World.  

Submit button will not work unless one item in all ​* fields is filled in.   Please check whatever box in each field applies to you.  If you have any questions call or email:  Phone:  845-896-1874 or Email: Pageant@Pageantwin.com​​



To pay by credit card use the secure "Pay Now" button below.  Call our office if you have any problem making payment.  If you reach our voice mail leave your name & number.  We will call you back.  Phone:  845-896-1874  In the "Description" put Contestants Name, in "Price per item" enter the full amount you are paying now.

Join the fun ... enter today!!

OFFICIAL APPLICATION for the SULLIVAN COUNTY REGIONAL INTERNATIONAL PRINCE & PRINCESS PAGEANT BEING HELD ON SUNDAY, OCT 21, 2018 at the DAYS INN,  52 Sullivan Ave., Liberty, NY in the Stardust Ballroom.  Beauty Pageant & Model Search.

Everyone wins a trophy!   12 Age divisions.  Girls 2 months to 28 years, plus a Ms. Division 29 & up (no limit).  Boys 2 months to 12 years. This is a Regional Pageant to qualify for the Int'l Finals July 20-21, 2019.  If you prefer going direct to the National Finals, go to the ONLINE INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION. 

$65 BEAUTY ENTRY FEE IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED TO ENTER THIS REGIONAL PAGEANT.  No other required fees.  The fee is reduced to $35 for siblings and/or Moms who want to also compete.  Beauty fee includes all special awards:  Prettiest Eyes, Personality, Best Dressed, Prettiest Smile & Sweetheart title. The $65 entry fee also includes one complimentary guest pass.  A minimum $50 deposit is required to register.*

 ALL-IN OPTION:  If you Pre Register for all three events, beauty, photogenic & model, you can receive a discounted entry fee of $125 for everything.  Additional contestants in the same family would be $100 for the All-In.  Also includes all above special awards and complimentary guest pass.  A minimum $50 deposit is required to register.*  Balance can be paid day of pageant by cash or money orders only.

​​Our pageant system allows makeup but discourages excess use of makeup on children.  We prefer a natural look.  CONTESTANTS SHOULD ALWAYS LOOK AGE APPROPRIATE.  No artificial tanning on children.  

*$50 deposit can be transferred to a different date or location within a one year period if you have to cancel.

Our pageant is a family event. When you arrive in the ballroom of the hotel you will check-in at the pageant registration. We will have your application form on file, and assign a contestant number for you. You will sit in the audience with your family and friends. BABY contestants will be escorted on stage by a family member of your choice. Babies cannot be unattended at any time.  Contestants 3 & up will be able to walk the runway by themselves, unless they want someone to go with them. Contestants 3 & up are interviewed on stage. Young contestants are asked their name, age, and a very simple question like what they watch on TV?  Older contestants will be asked more detailed questions, like their hobbies, plans and future ambitions. No contestant will ever be asked anything political or anything that will make them uncomfortable. Our pageant is designed to increase self-esteem, build self-confidence, to make sure you have a good time and a valuable experience. Each contestant leaves with a trophy, and we want everyone to leave with a positive attitude. Parents:  Contestants will never be out of your sight at any time!  They are always in the same room with you.  There is no backstage area.  Our pageants are not open to the public. In order to purchase a ticket you must be a relative or friend of a contestant. We do this in order to create the safest and nicest environment for our contestants.